Creating an array of graphic paths in

I dont know Why I am having trouble with this, but I keep getting 'not set to an instance of an object' exception every time.

Does this make sense?

I have this declared in the main form

Private _Paths() As System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath

and do this in a sub

 _Paths(20) = New GraphicsPath

But for whatever reason I get an object reference error on the second line. Any help?

After the decleration, I want to then go ahead and add a line to the graphics path like so

 _Paths(k).AddLine(x_loc(k), y_loc(k), x_loc(k + 1), y_loc(k + 1))

As per suggestion to use list:

Declared in main class

Private _Paths As List(Of System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath)

using in sub

for k = 0 to 10
      'x_loc and y_loc calculations are done here

    _Paths.Add(New GraphicsPath)
    _Paths(k).AddLine(x_loc(k), y_loc(k), x_loc(k + 1), y_loc(k + 1))

still get error when trying to create new instance of graphicspath

There should be no reason this error should pop up right?

Private _Paths As NEW List(Of System.Drawing.Drawing2D.GraphicsPath)


Your not redimensioning your array, instead use a List(Of GraphicsPath) and just .Add them as you need.

Dim myPaths As New List(Of GraphicsPath)
'later in code
myPaths.Add(New GraphicsPath)

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