Replace whole word with a symbol using C# Regex

So I am trying to replace a word like @theplace or @theplaces using a Regex pattern like:

String Pattern = string.Format(@"\b{0}\b", PlaceName);

But when I do the replacement, it is not finding the pattern, I am guessing it is the @ symbol that is the problem.

Can someone show me what I need to do to the Regex pattern to get it to work?


Your problem* is the \b (word boundary) before the @. There is no word boundary between a space and an @.

You could just remove it, or replace it with a non-boundary, which is a capital B.

string Pattern = string.Format(@"\B{0}\b", PlaceName);

* assuming that PlaceName begins with @.

The following code will replace any instances of @thepalace or @thepalaces with <replacement>.

var result = Regex.Replace(
    "some text with @thepalace or @thepalaces in it."
    + "\r\nHowever, @thepalacefoo and bar@thepalace won't be replaced.", // input
    @"\B@thepalaces?\b", // pattern
    "<replacement>"); // replacement text

The ? makes the preceding character, s, optional. I'm using the static Regex.Replace method. The \b matches boundaries between word and non-word characters. \B matches every boundary that \b does not. See regex boundaries.


some text with <replacement> or <replacement> in it.
However, @thepalacefoo and bar@thepalace won't be replaced.

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