Passing variables into awk from bash

I am writing a shell script file in which I have to print certain columns of a file. So I try to use awk. The column numbers are calculated in the script. Nprop is a variable in a for loop, that changes from 1 to 8.

awk -v a=$avg '{print $a " " $a+1 " " $a+2}' $filename5 >> neig5.dat

I have tried the following also:

awk -v a=$avg '{print $a " " $(a+1) " " $(a+2) }' $filename5 >> neig5.dat

This results in printing the first three columns all the time.



This will set $avg to 1+3*4, literally, if $prop is 4 for instance. You should be evaluating that expression:

avg=$(( 1+3*$nprop ))

And use the version of the awk script with parenthesis.

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