Is there a ClaimTypes property to represent “city”?

I've been looking at the various System.IdentityModel.Claims.ClaimTypes properties (Class reference) to see if there is a pre-defined type for each of my user model attributes. It appears that there is with the except of city. For example, I see each of the address fields I would need except for city:

  • ClaimTypes.StreetAddress
  • ClaimTypes.StateOrProvince
  • ClaimTypes.PostalCode

I did notice that there is a ClaimTypes.Locality; should this be used to represent city? (It doesn't sound like that is its purpose). Or is there some other ClaimTypes property to represent city that I am missing?


Actually, your supposition was right. According to the Claim Catalog:

(l in RFC 2256) Locality component of a subject?s address information. According to RFC 2256: “This attribute contains the name of a locality, such as a city, county or other geographic region.” e.g. Redmond.

RFC 2256 says:

5.8. l

This attribute contains the name of a locality, such as a city, county or other geographic region (localityName).

( NAME 'l' SUP name )

More official details from Microsoft you can find in PDF format, available for downloading here: Identity Selector Interoperability Profile specification and companion guides.

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