Mixed Content Error in IE7 with html5shiv and SSL

I'm developing an ASP.Net app that is using html5shiv and ssl. For some reason I am getting mixed content errors in IE7 using html5shiv. If I remove html5shiv the errors go away. I'm also using update panels and master pages if that matters. Any ideas?

Edit: After further testing it appears to be a combination between html5shiv and a stylesheet. If either are excluded, no mixed content error.

<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/html5shiv.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../styles/global.css" />

Solution: I had a data uri on a header style. Removing the uri solved the problem.


Are you using the externally hosted html5shiv (on a CDN)? If so, download the file and host it yourself on the same server.

If you're using https, you need to make sure that all files are served via https. If you have any http downloads on the page, you'll get mixed content warnings.

It sounds like your html5shiv file may be being served via http, and this is causing the problem.

If you're downloading it from a third party site, check whether that site allows https downloads. If not, you may need to serve it yourself.

This ended up being an issue with a css style with a data URI. Apparently IE7 recognizes this as mixed content. The modernizer was dynamically loading a header tag which is the element the offending css style was applied to.

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