Use grep to find strings at the beggining of a line or after a delimiter in Git Bash for Windows

I have such file:


I want to use grep to find anything containg blue| at the beginning of line or |blue| anywhere, but not any darkblue| or |darkblue| or |blueberry|

I tried to use grep [^|\|]blue\| but Git Bash gives me error:

$ grep [^|\|]blue\| *.*
grep: Unmatched [ or [^
sh.exe": |]blue|: command not found

What did I do wrong? What's the proper way to do it?


Here's a quick & dirty one:

grep -E '(^|\|)blue\|' *

Matches start of line or |, followed by blue|. The important note is that you need extended regular expressions (via egrep or the -E flag) to use the | (or) construct.

Also, note the single quotes around the regular expression.

So, in answer to the OP's "What did I do wrong?",

  1. You forgot to put the regexp in single quotes;
  2. You chose the wrong type of brackets to enclose the alternate expressions; and finally
  3. You forgot to use egrep or the -E flag

It's always easier to see other people's errors; I wish I was a quick to spot my own :-|

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