Define const object in a header file

I have a question concerning the const keyword in C++. I have the following class:


class Foot
   Foot (bool isRightFoot);
   const Vector internFootAxis;
   const Vector externFootAxis;
   bool isRightFoot;
   Body* body;

Where Vector is a class implementing basic R^3 vector operations. internFootAxis denotes the vector which goes from the center of the foot (represented as a Body object - this is a class representing a physical object) to the big toe. externFootAxis denotes the vector which goes from the center of the foot to the little toe.

I want the initial value of internFootAxis and externFootAxis to be const (because I am applying operators at each iteration in the graphical display main loop to those vectors which change the inner state of the vector). Unfortunately, the values of internFootAxis(t=0) and externFootAxis(t=0) depends if I am considering the left or right foot, therefore I need to declare their values inside the constructor of Foot and not outside the class.

Technically I want to do the following


Foot::Foot(bool isRightFoot)
body = new Body();
     if (isRightFoot)

Is there a simple way to do that ? Thanks a lot for your help



Use initializer lists:

Foot::Foot(bool isRightFoot)
  : internFootAxis( 1, isRightFoot ? 1 : -1, 0)
  , externFootAxis( 1, isRightFoot ? -1 : 1, 0)
    body = new Body();

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