Filtering Data with on click function

I have two array objects that hold my d3.svg.symbol types which are circles, squares & triangles. Array #1 has multiple symbols which I plot across the canvas, whereas array #2 only holds three symbols aligned together.

My goal is to be able to click on array #2 to filter out all of the array #1 symbols that i dont want to see. e.g. Clicking a circle in array #2 would only mean circles are shown in array #1.

      var array1 = svg.selectAll(a.array1)

             .attr("transform", function(d,i) {return "translate("+d.x+","+d.y+")" ;})

                .attr("d", d3.svg.symbol().type(function(d) {return shape [d.Country];}).size(120))

      var array2 = svg.selectAll(g.array2)
                     .attr("transform", function(d,i) {return "translate("+d.x+","+d.y+")" ;})

          .attr("d", d3.svg.symbol().type(function(d){return d.shape;}).size(200))
          .attr("transform", "translate(-10, -5)")

So my query is how do I specify the click onto array#2 specific types as I have three. Therefore, I would like all to be clickable, but have a different outcome.

So far I have tried this just to try & select specific shapes in array#2

       array2.on("click", function(){    alert('success')  })

which just alerts when I click any of them, however when this is applied:

    array2.on("click", function(){ if (d3.svg.symbol().type('circle') === true) { return  alert('success') ;};  })

When I click the circle of array2 it doesnt alert at all.

It would be great if I could get some help - thanks.


The event listener gets the current datum and index as arguments, see the documentation. You can also access the DOM element through this. You could use this like follows.

.on("click", function(d) {
   if(d.shape == "circle") { alert("success"); }

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