Getting started with the Django Zinnia Platform

Here's some easy karma for somebody. I just completed the django introductory tutorial with the intent of applying it to the Zinnia blogging platform. I have it serving up just fine, but would like to customize zinnia and am not sure how to do it. Actually that's a lie, I sort of know, but I have no idea what that link is actually doing.

Since completing the tutorial I am accustomed to a nice folder in my djo project housing poll apps, customizable url/models/settings/templates in this poll directory, and so forth. But zinnia has none of this, or is storing all of these things in an obscure directory:


Can someone explain to me what is going on, and how I can learn to customize the zinnia platform?

Say I wanted to change the background, title, static content, models, or url file for zinnia. How!?! Does one change any of these files directly, or do you copy the lot (there's way more than /templates/ in here) to a django project folder (i.e., maybe /djo/zinnia/template would work?)? What would happen if I copied something other than the template directory into my djo/zinnia/ folder; would this override the /usr files (contents below)?

admin/                  fixtures/*   ping.pyc****     managers.pyc*    sitemaps.pyc   testsettings.pyc
comparison.pyc          flags.pyc     migrations/    search.pyc    spam_checker/  urls/**  models/*  static/        url_shortener/
context_processors.pyc  __init__.pyc*  settings.pyc  templates/     views/*               locale/       moderator.pyc*   templatetags/  xmlrpc/
feeds.pyc               management/*       signals.pyc   tests/


I found the answer to this in the documentation here:

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