CSS - How to select nth-child of form element?

I am trying to re-design the registration form of my WP website. I also add some exta fields. I increase the width of <form> container and set <input> field's flow to left. But I want to set flow of phone field (which is third child of <form> element) to none i.e. float: none;. I try to do this: form:nth-child(3) {float: none;} but it seen to be not working. It selects form rather then 3rd field of form. What is wrong?

Here is registration page of my site. Please help.


You need to include the descendant combinator (the space):

form :nth-child(3) {
    /* CSS */

Without the space, you're selecting the form-element if it's the third-child of its parent, with the space you're selecting the third-child elements of the form. To get only those elements that are direct descendants:

form > :nth-child(3) {
    /* CSS */


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