How to display a list of Strings with Handlebars.js

I have a list of Strings that I want to display with Handlebars.js

So far it seems that this is not possible, although it seems absurd that this should be the case.

An example of a product object is:

"product": {
      "name": "top TP-209-NAV",
      "category": "Top",
      "brand": "Living Dolls",
      "description": "Fabric : Navy-white stretch cotton Long sleeves top (can be worn as dress)",
      "price": "23.0",
      "tags": [
        "Slips on",
        " stretch cotton",
        " long sleeves"
      "image1": {
        "src": "",
        "ratio": 1.5

I want to iterate through and display the items in the tags list.

When I do something like this I can see the appropriate number of commas which indicates that the list is being iterated through, however I can't work out how to display the actual tag item.

{{#product.tags}}<a href="">{{val}}</a>,  {{/product.tags}} 


I just had to use the each helper ..

{{#each product.tags}}<a href="">{{this}}</a>, {{/each}}

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