MVC regular expression in view model for filename validation

I've read a few questions that answer this, and I understand the regular expression I'm required to use, however actually applying it in MVC is where I stumble. I will also preface by saying I am terrible at regular expressions so far.

I'm writing a file upload application in MVC and I want to apply standard windows filename validation. \/:*?"<>| are invalid characters anywhere in the name.

My View Model for this is setup like so, using a different regex I found:

    public class FileRenameModel
    [RegularExpression(@"^[\w\-. ]+$", ErrorMessage="A filename cannot contain \\ / : * ? \" < > |")]
    public string Filename { get; set; }
    public int FileID      { get; set; }

Whenever I try to change the regex to @"^[\\/:?"<>|]+$ the " in the middle kills it and throws an error. I haven't figured out how to properly escape it so that I can include it in the string. When I use the regex without the " it tells me any string I put into the textbox fails. Am I using the ^ incorrectly?


Use double "" to escape quotes after starting a string with @.

To search for anything except you'd want to insert an additional ^ inside the brackets to create an except for match: @"^[^\\/:?""<>|]+$" Keep the ^ at the beginning as well to match the start of line.

Having said that, keep in mind for validation that browsers handle file names differently. Some older browsers sent a path along with the filename, that might break your validation for a legitimate file.

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