How to insert a string containing '%' using QSqlQuery?

I am trying to insert a string which contains '%' using QsqlQuery but I am always getting an error of type QSqlError::TransactionError with the message

"near "%": syntax error Unable to execute statement"

I have tried several ways to escape the "%" but I am still getting that error message. Please see the code snippet below.

query.exec(QString("INSERT INTO my_table (name, address) VALUES (\"%1\", \"%2\")")
                  .arg("Harry", "#302%%1,..."));

In place of "%%", I have tried "\%", "\%", but still it didn't work and I am having the same error message.


In SQL, strings are delimited with ', not ".

Anyway, you should use parameters:

query.prepare("INSERT INTO my_table (name, address) VALUES (?, ?)");

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