How to get the variable passed through the function JavaScript/jQuery

Here is the function

function addCategory(category) {
$('#category_choice').append($('#!the variable "category" has to go in here!'));

The "category" variable sends the id of the element that has to be appended. How can I insert the "category" var into the function? In PHP it is much easier having $var_name tags... But here, I have no idea as to how to include it.


function addCategory(category) {

Simple example of concatenation ( variables, string ):

var h = "Hello";
var w = "World!";

alert( h+w );            // HelloWorld!
alert( h+' '+w);         // Hello World!
alert( h+' my dear '+w); // Hello my dear World!

jQuery selector can use string to represent literally an element ID selector:


that means you keep as string what you need and you concatenate a variable to it:

var elName = "element"; // string variable
$('#'+ elName) // same as: $('#element')

If you need to append every time a new fresh element do like:

$('#category_choice').append('<div id="'+category+'" />');

just make sure not to duplicate your elements ID for ID has to be unique per page element.

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