Add buttons in Border Layout

I would like to add buttons in Border Layout one after another . But I do not know how . Thats a part of my code :

setLayout(new BorderLayout());
JPanel jp = new JPanel();
JPanel jp2 = new JPanel();
JPanel jp3 = new JPanel();

add(jp, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
add(jp2, BorderLayout.EAST);
add(jp3, BorderLayout.WEST);

jp.add(btn, BorderLayout.WEST);
jp.add(btn2, BorderLayout.CENTER);
jp.add(btn3, BorderLayout.EAST);

jp2.add(btn4, BorderLayout.NORTH);
jp2.add(btn5, BorderLayout.NORTH);
jp2.add(btn6, BorderLayout.CENTER);
jp2.add(btn7, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
jp2.add(btn8, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

But it add buttons side by side . I am beginner programmer and I really do not idea how to do it .


BorderLayout is not suited for what you want - it supports only one component for each constraint (NORTH, SOUTH...)

Use another layout, there are a lot of options, like Gridlayout, GridBagLayout.

I would use TableLayout, it's a very flexible layout - see the homepage address below.

JPanel initially has FlowLayout, which places components side by side. Instead of new JPanel(), use new JPanel(new BorderLayout())

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