Unexpected $end after while loop and nested if

I have this program that I am working on that is supposed to find the sum of the first 1000 prime numbers. Currently all I am concerned with is making sure that the program is finding the first 1000 prime numbers, I will add the functionality for adding them later. Here is what I have:


def prime(num)

    is_prime = true

    for i in 2..Math.sqrt(num)

        if (num % i) == 0           
            is_prime = false
            is_prime = true

    return is_prime

i = 2
number_of_primes = 0

while number_of_primes < 1000

    prime = prime(i)

    if prime == true


When i try to run the program I get the following feedback:

sumOfPrimes.rb:32: syntax error, unexpected keyword_end
sumOfPrimes.rb:34: syntax error, unexpected keyword_end

what gives? Any direction is appreciated.


Ruby doesn't have ++ operator, you need to do += 1

number_of_primes += 1

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