SBT doesn't call Test.Setup on a Play2 project

Here is my SBT build:

  val main = play.Project(appName, appVersion, appDependencies).settings(defaultScalaSettings:_*)
    scalaVersion := "2.10.0",
    resolvers += .....
    .settings( Defaults.itSettings : _*)
    testOptions in Test += Tests.Setup( () => println("Setup Test yoohooo") ),
    testOptions in Test += Tests.Cleanup( () => println("Cleanup Test yoohoo") ),
    scalaSource in Test <<= baseDirectory / "test/unit",
    parallelExecution in Test := true,

    testOptions in IntegrationTest += Tests.Setup( () => println("Setup Integration Test yoohoo") ),
    testOptions in IntegrationTest += Tests.Cleanup( () => println("Cleanup Integration Test yoohoo") ),
    scalaSource in IntegrationTest <<= baseDirectory / "test/integration",
    parallelExecution in IntegrationTest := false


I can launch both tasks test and it:test, but it only prints the text for the IntegrationTest, and not for the regular Test.

I see that Play2 has some default settings related:

testOptions in Test += Tests.Setup { loader =>
  loader.loadClass("play.api.Logger").getMethod("init", classOf[]).invoke(null, new"."))

testOptions in Test += Tests.Cleanup { loader =>

Isn't my build supposed to override these settings?

By the way, can I call an external library or a test source class in this Setup?


Maybe this is constraint of sbt.

sbt official documents says

Setup and Cleanup actions are not supported when a group is forked.

fork in Test := true

is default from Play2.1.0

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