jquery ajax object array php

I have:

var apiQuizData = {'ect stuff removed...',answers:{}};
    $.each(dataCEActiveQuiz.quiz_data, function(index, answer) {
        if(answer.selected == undefined){
            apiQuizData.answers[answer.id] = 0;
        } else {
            apiQuizData.answers[answer.id] = answer.selected;

    $.post(URL, apiQuizData, function(data) {

If I look at the form data submitted through the header via chromes inspect tools it shows:

// url decoded

// url encoded

// query string


In PHP I use

$sent_data = file_get_contents('php://input');
$sent_data_decoded = json_decode($sent_data, true);

the string that php receives is


What do I need to do to the data so that it goes through to php with the values?




If I use

$.post(URL, JSON.stringify(apiQuizData), function(data) {

This is what is sent

{...extra stuff...,"answers":{"28195":"112773","28199":"112791","28201":"112796","28202":"112800","28204":"112810"}}

From PHP using json_decode(file_get_contents('php://input'), true);


When I do a print_r of the data it is an empty array?


UPDATE 2 - Working

Updated the jquery post to

    $.post(URL + 'sendCEQuizResults', {jsonstringify: JSON.stringify(apiQuizData)}, function(data) {

Updated the php receiving code to handle the new way I am sending data with the old way

$sent_data = file_get_contents('php://input');

            if(substr($sent_data, 0, 13) == 'jsonstringify')
                $sent_data_decoded = json_decode($jsonstringify, true);
            } else
                $sent_data_decoded = json_decode($sent_data, true);

For some reason it would not work if I didn't assign the JSON.stringify(apiQuizData) into the value of another object. The browser seemed to choke on the text by itself, I guess because it was a huge text string by itself? not sure. Either way the above update #2 solved the issues I was having.



Stringify the object into a JSON string:

$.post(URL, JSON.stringify(apiQuizData), function(data) {

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