Make has_secure_password optional in rails 3.2.13

Is it possible to make has_secure_password optional in Rails 3.2.13? I know that there is the flag validations: false but when I attempt to use it, it gives me an error that I'm using 1 argument where 0 is needed.

The purpose of this for me is to allow the creation of a user without a password set, so that the user can set the password themselves on a separate page.

Edit: I want it to validate all the other requirements except for the password, such as validates :username, : presence => true, :length => { :minimum => 3 } and other requirements.

Edit 2: See here and here for more of what I am looking for. I am looking to write has_secure_password validations: false at the top of my model, but it gives me the error that I have an argument where none is needed. Is this feature not in Rails 3.2.13?


After researching the source of 3.2.13 I realized that the release of 3.2.13 did not include the ability to use the validations: false flag. See 3.2.13 source, compared to current master branch's source.

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