Dictionary: hard-coded vs. external file

I have a java application which is started and stopped multiple times per second over hundreds of millions of items (called from an external script).

Input: String key
Output: int value

The purpose of this application is to look for a certain key in a never ever ever changing Map (~30k keys) and to return the value. Very easy.

Question: what is more efficient when used multiple times per second:

  1. hard-coded dictionary in a Map
  2. Read an external file with a BufferedReader
  3. ...amaze me with your other ideas

I know hard-coding is evil but sometimes, you need to be evil to be efficient :-)


Read in the dictionary from file. Store it in a Map. Set up your Java application as a service that runs continuously (since you said it gets called many times per second). Then your Map will be cached in RAM.

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