as3 looping MC from class not adding X propertity correctly

I have a simple loop that creates a movieClip from a class in my library. It's adding the first part of the equation to the x property but not the plus 50. HOWEVER, it is adding the +50 but only to the first item in the loop. What am I doing wrong here?

var flagButton:MovieClip;

function displayFlagButtons()

    for( var i = 0; pages.length > i; i++)

        flagButton = new roundButton();

            // The line below is giving me issues in adding 50 to each movieClip
            flagButton.x = (flagButton.width * i) + 50; 
            // Again, above code adds 50 to 1st item only



Did you mean :

flagButton.x = (flagButton.width + 50) * i; 

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