have QThread something like volatile member in Java?


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Use QMutex with a QMutexLocker around your variable.


QMutex * mutex = new QMutex();
int shared_integer = 0;

void func1()
    int temp;    
    // lots of calculations
    temp = final_value_from_calculations;

    // about to save to the shared integer
        QMutexLocker locker(mutex);// this thread waits until the mutex is unlocked.
        qDebug() << "Mutex is now locked!";
        // access the shared variable
        shared_integer = temp;

        // if you had some reason to return early here, the mutex locker would
        // unlock your putex for you properly!
        // return; // locker's destructor gets called and the mutex gets unlocked

    }// lockers's destructor gets called and the mutex gets unlocked
    qDebug() << "Mutex is now unlocked!";


void func2()
    QMutexLocker locker(mutex);
    qDebug() << shared_integer;

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