Update a boolean field in db using link_to

I have boolean field in the database, how can I update it in rails using link_to. I want to have two link_to commands. One for true another for false.

how do i do it? I can use ajax, but i wanna learn to pass the data first.



link_to can only link to a target controller action. You need to define a route that will route the call to a method that toggles the boolean value.

For example, in your controller:

class ThingsController
  def toggle_foo
    @thing = Thing.find(params[:id])
    @thing.foo = !@thing.foo

Then you would route this:

resources :things,
  :member => { :toggle_too => :put }

Then you can link to it:

link_to('Toggle', toggle_foo_thing_path(@thing), :method => :put)

It's important to not use a GET method on these calls because some browsers will pre-load all the simple links on your page, which will have the effect of automatically toggling all those things you link to on the page.

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