Scala: pre-initialize val while extending a class

How do I pre-initialize a val and extend a class in Scala?


object Start {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
        new T()
        new T2()

class T extends{val z = 10} with X  with Y
class T2 extends X with Y {val z=10}
//class T3 extends{val z = 10}  ??? Z with X with Y //????

class Z

trait  X {
  val z :Int

trait Y { this :X =>
  println("Test: "+z)  



class T3 extends {val z = 10} with Z with X with Y

Scala Language Specification 2.9, 5.1.6:

EarlyDefs ::= ‘{’ [EarlyDef {semi EarlyDef}] ‘}’ ‘with’

So an early definition always has to be followed by a with

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