Convert Formula's references to values in formula in Excel VBA

Is it possible using VBA to convert the formula =n2+m2 into its actual values on another sheet. For example cell m2 is 0, and n2 is 96,879 on sheet1. I'd like to have on sheet2 a formula be inserted in cell a1 for example, that is =0+96879. It is an audit trail of sorts. This would actually be performed on a large range, but that is the general idea. I've been looking for hours and come up with nothing.


Yes and no. It's possible, but it's a pretty gnarly task.

Refer to this link, for some discussion about various methods:

Does Excel have a built in method for parsing formulas? (ie: to obtain a list of included RANGE references)

In sheet 2 A1 enter


If you want the = Sign to Then just do


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