I would like to make a pattern using regex

I would like to make a regex pattern ,I would like to make a pattern that get the value which is inside the brackets ,I tried this one but its not working.

String input = "(3+4)+5*4";
Match m = Regex.Match(input, @"([(0-9\/\+\-\*0-9)])");
if (m.Success)
    String value = m.Groups[1].ToString();


what you are doing is mis-understanding what a "class" does in a regular expression.

[] - Denotes a set of characters to match.  This is NOT a pattern.

what you need to be grabbing is the pattern, which you did have nearly correct.


  Open Parenthesis
  Any character in [0-9]
  Any Character in [\/\+\*\-]
  Any Character in [0-9]
  Close Parenthesis

This will only allow one digit though. If you have ANY multi digit number, even a 10...this wont work. Now, if you changed it to something like this:


those + tell the regex to capture One or More. This will allow any number, not just a single digit.

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