IE8 disabled element text rendering differences

Below is a super zoomed in image of a disabled <select> element (top), and a disabled <textarea> element with it's text highlighted for more emphasis on the issue (bottom), both being rendered by the god-awful IE8.

I've disabled all styles in various dev tools, overridden color, text-shadow font-family etc...

Why do <textarea> and other <input [type='*']> elements render with some goofy text highlighting, while <select> elements render without it, and even more importantly is there a workaround to get rid of that text highlight.


IE adds it's own styles and while you can control background and font colors, something like

 input[type="*"]:disabled {
   background-color: none;
   color: gray;

you cannot remove shadows. One alternative - don't set actual DISABLED attribute, but simulate it instead e.g use readonly attribute, set onfocus = "this.blur()" etc.

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