How to select all characters to the right of a specific character in a string - PHP

I spent a long time trying to figure this out! How do I select all the characters to the right of a specific character in a string when I don't know how many characters there will be?


You can also do:

$str = 'some_long_string';
echo explode( '_', $str, 2)[1]; // long_string

// find the position of the first occurrence of the char you're looking for
$pos = strpos($string, $char);

// cut the string from that point
$result = substr($string, $pos + 1);

I'm not sure this would fit your needs, but :

$string = explode(',','I dont know how to, get this part of the text');

Wouldn't $string[1] always be the right side of the delimiter? Unless you have more than one of the same in the string... sorry if it's not what you're looking for.

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