How to extract each color bar and copy them in a table?

I made a diagram to show unique columns with several colors in each, as shown in the picture. I have hundreds of that to make and I have no idea about how to do that.

I would like to know if it's possible to extract each color bar separately and copy them under "Icons". I am not sure if the word "extract" is the correct term, but I would like to display a raw-image of that color bar.

Maybe a formula?

I am able to use Office Excel and Libreoffice Calc. Thank you so much.


These are instructions to do this manually, but this would be an ideal project to apply VBA and automate these tasks.

The idea is to create each category of stacked bar as its own individual chart, which can then be exported or copied to an image file.

This is based on the "spark lines" concept, which is small, eye-catching graphics embedded within the text of a document, as opposed to large graphics. MS added some sparklines functionality in recent versions of Office apps, and although MS "spark lines" doesn't support stacked bar chart type, the same thing can still be accomplished with a little work.

Step 1: Select one row of the data and do Insert Chart, stacked bar.

Step 2: Select data and Switch Rows & Columns.

Step 3: Delete the gridlines, axes, chart border, etc., .

Step 4: Expand the Plot Area so that it covers the entire Chart Area, and format the data series to 0% gap width.

Step 5: Apply your colors to each point in the series.

Step 6: Resize the chart to fit on a cell.

Finally now that you have created some ChartObjects you can manipulate them. ChartObjects can be Exported as image files, or copy/paste-special as images, bmp, or enhanced metafiles, etc.

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