Syntax Error On VB Subroutine Call?

In my Visual Basic code behind an Excel spreadsheet, I have one subroutine which takes parameters. This is called from another subroutine.

Here is the subroutine declaration:

Sub rowPasting(ByVal oldRow As Integer, ByVal newRow As Integer, ByVal oldSheet As Worksheet, ByVal newSheet As Worksheet)

Here is the call:


All the variables I use as inputs for the parameters are set and valid because they were used for working parts of the program before I tried to add this new Subroutine.

Any ideas on what is causing the syntax error on the call?


To call your subroutine you need to use one of the following syntax:

Call rowPasting(j,k,TTWorksheet,newSheet)


rowPasting j,k,TTWorksheet,newSheet

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