Setting up user specific preprocessor macros for Xcode

I'd like to be able to have specific code blocks such as #ifdef SOME_VARIABLE and the value of variable would be filled at project's build time if the project is being built on a specific user's machine.

Is that possible?


You set the value in the "Preprocessor Macros" Build Settings. Setting "SOME_VARIABLE=${USER}" in the build settings is equivalent to #define SOME_VARIABLE "jappleseed" in your code.

Then in your code you can do this:

#define jappleseed 1
#define sjobs      2

#if DEV_USER == jappleseed
    NSLog(@"Hi Jhonny");
#elif DEV_USER == sjobs
    NSLog(@"Hi Steve");

Note: This is a contrived example if you really want the string "jappleseed" for use in your code you should be using an Info.plist and not #define

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