Troubles Overwritting Wordpress Url Rewrites

so essentially right now I have a plugin enabled to allow me to use php in my pages. I've setup a page and set the permalink as the homepage. Doing this I'm able to make requests like

and the php code will execute based on the given artist.

The issue appears when I try to make this url more seo friendly, I add the following rewrite rule to my .htaccess

RewriteRule ^artist/(.*).html$1

thinking that it should work but it does not, it simply goes to the wordpress 404 page. Now if I redirect it to a regular html file instead of$1 it works just fine.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong and how I can get it working properly?



Make sure your rule is before all of your wordpress rules. Wordpress' rules route all requests through am index.php and since "artist" is probably a bad permalink, it'll return a 404.

Additionally, if you include the in your rule's target, it will inherently redirect the browser as opposed to internally rewriting the URI. You should remove it and include an [L] flag so rewriting stops in the current iteration (thus the wordpress rules won't get applied):

RewriteRule ^artist/(.*).html /?profile=$1 [L]

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