Fastest way to split a string into a multidimensional array of arbitrary dimensions in JavaScript?

I'm trying to determine the fastest way to split a string in JavaScript into a multidimensional array with arbitary dimensions. Is there a way better than looping over the string and matching brackets of the same depth?

Example string:



If you don't need to count for older browsers, you can use JSON.parse:

var a = '[1,2,3,[1,2,3,[1,2,3]],4,5,[1,2],[[1,2],[1,2]],[1],[1]]';

var b = JSON.parse(a);

For older browsers I can think of one quick and dirty way, some use it as last resort of parsing JSON.

var a = '[1,2,3,[1,2,3,[1,2,3]],4,5,[1,2],[[1,2],[1,2]],[1],[1]]';

var b = (new Function('return ' + a + ';'))();

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