500 error page not showing on Heroku

I'm trying to get a custom 500 error page to show on Heroku, running rails 3.2.11

I've followed the steps at: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/error-pages

The process worked fine for the maintenance page, but doesn't seem to work for the error page. I'm positive the S3 URL is correct in Heroku, and when I visit the S3 URL directly I can view the error page just fine (it is set to public).

config.consider_all_requests_local is set to false in production.rb

Any ideas as to why Heroku is not showing it? I just get a blank screen in various browsers (Chrome says it's a 500 error but doesn't render a page).


The heroku's custom error page isn't displayed whenever an exception occurs in your application.

Your application is responsible for displaying this kind of pages. See using exceptions_app with rails 3.2.

The error page happens when an error occurs with heroku.

The devcenter page about error pages says, about testing your error page :

To test your error page, you can push a bad deploy such as putting a syntax error into a key configuration file, or by creating a path on your app that sleeps for 35 seconds (thereby triggering the error H12 Request Timeout.

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