How do i read text from an Alert(ios) in calabash

How can I access the text of an alertview on iOS in my calabash/cucumber tests?

NSString *msgString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"No: %@\n Latitude: %f\n Longitude: %f",, wrapper.latitude, wrapper.longitude];
UIAlertView *alert = [[[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Really reset?" message:@"msgString" delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:@"Cancel" otherButtonTitles:nil] autorelease];
// optional - add more buttons:
[alert addButtonWithTitle:@"Yes"];
[alert show];

I want to assert that the alert has the expected content:

Feature: Running a test
  As a user using a phone connected to the internet
  I want to have correct sample data retrieved from cache or net
  So I can read the values of the tableview

   Scenario: Testing retrieved data

  Given the app is running
  Then I press "Refresh"
  Then I should see "Some value"
  Then I press "Some value"
  Then I should /*See an alert with "myMessage"*/
  Then I press "OK"

  And take picture

So if i change the string to simply "No:" and discard everything else from the string, it does actually seem to work, but i cant get it running with my more complex string :(


A solution to add newline support is to take the variables out of the string in the features so that the newline can be added by the ruby code:

Then I see a popup with latitude 10 and longitude 20


Then /^I see a popup with latitude (\d+) and longitude (\d+)$/ do |lat, lon|
  msg = "Latitude:#{lat}\nLongitude:#{lon}"
  should_see_alert_with_text msg


def should_see_alert_with_text (text)
  wait_poll(:until_exists => 'alertView', :timeout => 5) do
    actual = query('alertView child label', :text).first
    unless actual.eql? text
      screenshot_and_raise "should see alert view with message '#{text}' but found '#{actual}'"

For iOS 7 and above: following calabash code will work fine.

Then I should see "your text here"
And I should see "Call XXX"
And I should see "Cancel"

Works for me.

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