jquery-highlight the table cells based on textbox value

I want to highlight the table cells having the similar value as textbox ie as the user starts typing letters itself it should highlight the table cells....

<input type="text" id="txtsearch"/>  
<table id="table" style="height:350px;margin-left:1em;width:700px;">
    <!--this is my table header-->
    <tr style="display:table-row">
        <th class="checkbox"><input type="checkbox"/></th>
        <th class="Name">NAME</th>
        <th class="Score">SCORE</th>
        <th class="Email">EMAIL</th>
        <th class="Empty"></th>
        <td ><input type="checkbox" /></td>
        <td >Vijay Prakash</td>
        <td >34</td>
        <td >vijay@gmail.com</td>
        <td ></td>
<input type="button" id="btnCalculate" value="Calculate"/>
<label id="lblAverage"></label>
<label id="lblMax"></label>


If you want a case insensitive contains approach you could try the following:

    $("#text-box-id").keyup(function() {
        var value = $(this).val().toLowerCase();
        // you can add a class to the ones you want to be able to 
        // highlight and use like this
        $("td.highlightable").each(function(index, elem) {
            var $elem = $(elem);
            if (value.length > 0 && $elem.text().toLowerCase().indexOf(value) != -1) {
                $elem.css('backgroundColor', 'yellow');   
            else {
                $elem.css('backgroundColor', ''); 


use keyup() and :contains.

try this:

     var value= $(this).val();


I am creating a new method containsIN which works like jQuery contains and make it case insensitive:

 $.extend($.expr[":"], {
   "containsIN": function(elem, i, match, array) {
      return (elem.textContent || elem.innerText || "").toLowerCase().indexOf((match[3] ||  "").toLowerCase()) >= 0;

     var value= $(this).val();

working fiddle

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