How does Javascript differentiate between Json Objects and String?

I was reading a code snippet and figuring out how it works when this weird javascript problem came up.

In their javascript they called

var apiUrl = '/api/v1/pin/?format=json&order_by=-id&offset='+String(offset);
$.get(apiUrl, function(pins) { 
    for (...; i < pins.objects.length; i++) ... // works fine

their api returns this json format:

{"meta": {"limit": 50, "next": "?limit=50&format=json&order_by=-id&offset=60", "offset":    
10, "previous": null, "total_count": 79}, "objects": [ {...},{...}, ... ]}

I tried to mimic it but the $.get never accepted my simplified json string.

// my attempt
$.get(myApiUrl, function(pins) { 
    for (...; i < pins.objects.length; i++) ... // ERROR: undefined length

My Json string is in the similar but shortened format.

{"objects": [{...},{...}, ... ]}

I couldn't get it to work until I googled the $.getJson() command. I am just wondering why their javascript code works with just $.get whereas mine has to use $.getJson??

Is it some kind of header you can set to force javascript to read it as json?


If you don't specify content type explicitly jQuery will try to determine data type based on headers returned by server.

If you are not using JSON serializers, then verify validity of your JSON using or this, otherwise you will get an error.

Correct ContentType header for JSON is: application/json

In both cases the AJAX call returns a string. jQuery somehow has to figure out what to do with it. How it does that depends on the dataType option.

The docs call the default value Intelligent guess. So how to guess? Evaluating the Content-Type header of the response. If it's application/jsonthen jQuerywill try to create an object.

To ensure that jQuerywill always try to interpret the response as JSON you can set the dataType to json.

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