what is the diference to output superscript using the below two methods in html

in html, i can use both &trade and <sup></sup> to output superscript. Then, what is the difference between '&trade' and '<sup></sup>'?


&trade; is a single character, whereas <sup></sup> changes the way "normal" characters are displayed.

Using <sup>TM</sup> is just displaying the two letters T and M using superscript text layout, whereas &trade; is the Unicode Character 'TRADE MARK SIGN' (U+2122).

Practically speaking:

  • &trade; might not survive copy-and-paste across different documents (given how broken some applications are with respect to Unicode).
  • It's not necessarily available in every font you might use.
  • Anyone searching for "TM" won't find &trade; (unless the software they're using is clever about that specific case).

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