Update and remove operation on Jaydata

I'm trying to write a simple CRUD functionality in Jaydata, I had written this simple code for update operation:

SampleClass.prototype.Load = function(input1,callback)
  var param='it.Name=="'+input1+'"';

so when I call:


It works like a charm! But If I call an update operation for callback like:


It doesn't change anything in the DB. I have seen something like beginTransaction function as in http://jaydata.org/examples/JayDataPro/ToDoList_complex, but I couldn't understand the essence of it.


Special thanks to Gabor Dolla

In order to update a value in JayData:

  • DB has to have a primary-key inside it.
  • Change non-key attributes
  • Call the asynchronous save() function after it.

solution to the question is: after changing the object field's definition like this:

Name{ type:'string', **key:true**}

You can query on anything but only change non-key attributes of them


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