Conditional Statements in Spring @preauthorize EL

Hi here my problem is to add conditional statements in @preauthorize spring annotation ,I need to give Users_view and Users_manage permission for principal but i cant add both permission like below @PreAuthorize("hasPermission(#id, '', 'USERS_VIEW','USERS_MANAGE')") in @preauthorize ,I have an idea like below

@PreAuthorize("hasPermission(#id, '', 'USERS_VIEW') OR hasPermission(#id, '', 'USERS_VIEW')")

Will spring support conditional clauses in @preauthorize so if not what is the solution for this.(Here I need to use only @preauthorize rather than hasroles[])

Thanks in advance


Of course it will. But I have not tried in uppercase, in lowercase it is sure (I mean or instead of OR). See Logical operators section of the official documentation.

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