In python, how do I search for a number in a text file and print a corresponding value when it's found?

I have a list of cam angles and displacements:

<Ignored header>
0   3
1   3
2   6
3   9
4   12
5   15
6   18
7   21
8   24
9   27
10  30

How would I go about searching for an angle and producing the displacement at this angle?

It's not necessary to store the data as at any given moment I only need the two values.

I know this isn't currently working, but a brief explanation of why and how to improve would be much appreciated as I'm eager to learn more

camAngle = 140

camFile = open(camFileLoc)
for line in camFile:
    if line > 1:
        if camAngle in line:
        print line

Thanks very much



You basically had it:

camAngle = 140

# The context manager closes the file automatically when you leave the block
with open(camFileLoc, 'r') as handle:
    next(handle)  # Skips the header

    for line in handle:
        # Splits the line on the whitespace and converts each string
        # into an integer. Then, you unpack it into the two variables (a tuple)
        angle, displacement = map(int, line.split())

        if angle == camAngle:
            print displacement
            break  # Exits the `for` loop
        # We never broke out of the loop, so the angle was never found
        print 'This angle is not in the file'

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