Loading a file into a PHP script using Curl and Bash scripting

Having a foo.txt file, I'm trying to load it into a php script using curl and a bash script.

foo.sh, foo.txtand foo.phpare all under the same folder:


The foo.sh bash script:

curl --form "fileupload=@foo.txt" http://localhost/foo/foo.php

The foo.php script:

echo "foo line";

When I execute the bash script:


The foo.php script shows the foo line message, but regarding the file, it gives the following error message:

Undefined variable: _FILE in /var/www/foo/foo.php on line 3

Any suggestions?

If there is another way to load a file into the $_FILE variable using only PHP (via terminal), it would also solve my problem.


It is $_FILES (so you should add the "S")


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