Splitting string using Regex and pattern matching throws an exception

Could you guys please tell me what I'm doing incorrectly trying to extract using regex pattern-matching? I have following code

val Pattern = "=".r
val Pattern(key, value) = "key=value"

And I get following exception in runtime

Exception in thread "main" scala.MatchError: key=value (of class java.lang.String)


That's more of a regular expression problem: your regex does not capture any groups, it just matches a single = character.


val Pattern = "([^=]*)=(.*)".r

you will get:

scala> val Pattern(key, value) = "key=value"
key: String = key
value: String = value


Also, that won't match if the input string is empty. You can change the pattern to make it match, or (better) you can pattern match with the regex, like so:

"key=value" match {
   case Pattern(k, v) => // do something 
   case _ => // wrong input, do nothing

If what you actually wanted was to split the input text with whatever the regex matches, that is also possible using Regex.split:

scala> val Pattern = "=".r
Pattern: scala.util.matching.Regex = =

scala> val Array(key, value) = Pattern.split("key=value")
key: String = key
value: String = value

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