Allow only A-I 0-9 and the symbols $# (RegEX)

I`m currently working on a student project in C#, and I want to check if a string contains only the following characters:

A-I 0-9 $ #

The original string:

string rawData ="$A008B20130503C103804D00000000E1022F0080G0128H022I022#";

My code is as follows:

string regEXstring = @"^[A-I0-9$#]+$";
Regex regex = new Regex(regEXstring);
if (regex.IsMatch(rawData))
       dataOK = true;
       dataOK = false;

What am I doing wrong?


Fixing your rawdata/rawData typo, the code works fine. The dataOK variable becomes true with your example data, and false if one adds other characters to the string.

Judging from your example data, you can improve the verification so that you can also determinte that:

  • the string starts with $
  • the string ends with #
  • the strings contains entities that consist of a single character followed by at least three digits

For that, use a pattern like:

string regEXstring = @"^\$([A-I]\d{3,})+#$";

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