Appending '0x' before the hex numbers in a string

I'm parsing a xml file in which I get basic expressions (like id*10+2). What I am trying to do is to evaluate the expression to actually get the value. To do so, I use the eval() method which works very well.

The only thing is the numbers are in fact hexadecimal numbers. The eval() method could work well if every hex number was prefixed with '0x', but I could not find a way to do it, neither could I find a similar question here. How would it be done in a clean way ?


Use the re module.

>>> import re
>>> re.sub(r'([\dA-F]+)', r'0x\1', 'id*A+2')
>>> eval(re.sub(r'([\dA-F]+)', r'0x\1', 'CAFE+BABE'))

Be warned though, with an invalid input to eval, it won't work. There are also many risks of using eval.

If your hex numbers have lowercase letters, then you could use this:

>>> re.sub(r'(?<!i)([\da-fA-F]+)', r'0x\1', 'id*a+b')

This uses a negative lookbehind assertion to assure that the letter i is not before the section it is trying to convert (preventing 'id' from turning into 'i0xd'. Replace i with I if the variable is Id.

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