pass an array objects in Corona with class

I'm creating an app with Corona structured in Class and I have a problem when I want pass an array objects for create an object. I have this:


local SurpriseBoxClass = require("SurpriseBox")
local BoxClass = require("Box")

local box1 ='palo', 'images/chestClose.gif', 'OPEN')
local box2 ='moneda', 'images/chestClose.gif', 'OPEN')
boxes = { box1, box2 }

local game =


local SurpriseBox = {}
local SurpriseBox_mt = { __index = SurpriseBox }

 local object = {
   boxes = boxesAux
 return setmetatable( object, SurpriseBox_mt )

The problem is when I want to print the content of array in a method of SurpriseBox, and the program said me that the array is nil if for example I do this:


What can I do?



Lua tables are 1-based.

Try print(boxes[1], boxes[2]).

It will print the table id. If you need to print the contents of the table, you must iterate over its fields, or use a custom printer that does it for you (see "Print a table recursively").

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