jQuery get html in div without any markup

I have some script written using the jQuery framework.

var site = {
link: $('#site-link').html()


This gets the html in the div site-link and assigns it to link. I later save link to the DB.

My issue is I don't want the html as I see this as being to dangerous, maybe?

I have tried:

 link: $('#site-link').val()

... but this just gives me a blank value.

How can I get the value inside the div without any markup?


Try doing this:


From the jQuery API Documentation:

Get the combined text contents of each element in the set of matched elements, including their descendants, or set the text contents of the matched elements.

Use the .text() jquery method like this:

    var site = {
        link: $('#site-link').text()

Here is an example of what .val(), .html() and .text() do: jsfiddle example

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