referencing a jsp from another

I am working with Java servlets, and I am new to it. I was trying to write a jsp page wherein I will have a menu ( a list of links ).

In index.jsp I have the following code:

       <li> <a href="">Home<a/> </li>
       <li> <a href="login.jsp">login here<a/> </li>

but when I click on the first link it works, but crushed when I click on the second link. login.jsp exists within the same dir as 'index.jsp'

how can I get login.jsp to work as well?


Put your login.jsp in /WEB-INF folder and then try.Do not put it under anything else

I managed to solve it. My JSP files were within WEB-INF. Just found out that what is in `WEB-INF is private and cannot be accessed dirrectly. So I put them on the root folder of the project ( in parallel to WEB-INF )

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