window.history.length maximum value

Value of window.history.length is very important in our project to detect backbutton is clicked on browser. However I realized that window.history.length does not pass 50. How to solve this ? Thanks for your help.


It is possible to detect "Back Button Clicked" via iFrames. You can find the answer here.

Depending on whether you need it to be persistent across sessions and surviving a clean of the user information (cache, localStorage, etc...) you might want to adopt different solutions.

One of the solutions could be to do something like this:

window.onpopstate = function(event) {
  var count = parseInt(localStorage.getItem('history-changes-count'), 10);
  localStorage.setItem('history-changes-count', ++count);

Note that onpopstate gets invoked only after a user action, it doesn't work if you modify the history programmatically.

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