return image back to the original position after a 180 degree rotation

I have written code below to flip an image . I am setting -webkit-transform=rotateY(180deg), but again on the click event I want to bring image back to the original position. I tried -180 value but it's not working.

var status=1;
function flipIt(obj) {
    //$(obj).wrap("<div class='centerImage'></div>")

    console.log("value before Function status   "+status);

    if(status==1) {
        $(obj).css("-webkit-transition","all 1.0s linear");
        $(obj).css("transition","all 1.0s linear");

        //$(obj).css("box-shadow","-5px 5px 5px #aaa");

        console.log("after if value set status   "+status);
    } else {
        $(obj).css("-webkit-transition","all 1.0s linear");
        $(obj).css("transition","all 1.0s linear");


        console.log("ater else value set status   "+status);

Please Help.


Try setting it to 0, not minus 180.


Then it won't rotate as I think it's calculated relative to its original rotation.

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